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Cisco vs Huawei Commands

Cisco Huawei
EXEC mode user view
traceroute tracert
terminal length 0 screen-length 0 temporary
show display
show version display version
show history-command display history-command
show interfaces display interface
show ip interface display ip interface
show ip route display ip routing-table
show ip bgp display bgp routing-table
show clock display clock
show flash dir flash:
show logging display logbuffer
show snmp display snmp-agent statistics
show users display users
show tech-support display diagnostic-information
write terminal,
show running-config
display current-configuration
more nvram:startup-config,
show startup-config
display saved-configuration
write erase reset saved-configuration
write memory,
copy running-config startup-config
clear reset
clear counters reset counters interface
clear interface reset counters interface
clear access-list counters reset acl counter all
no undo
debug / no debug debugging / undo debugging
reload reboot
enable super
disable super 0
erase delete
exit quit
configure terminal system-view
configuration mode system view
end return
snmp-server snmp-agent
hostname sysname
router bgp bgp
router ospf ospf
router rip rip
shutdown / no shutdown shutdown / undo shutdown

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