IT seminar – IBM cloud & AI; China Cyber security law

Recently I went to two quite interesting seminar and both are kind of a very hot topic.

The first one is discuss about the new China cyber security law. Nowadays, most of the registration in China needs to provide real personal information for real-name authentication. It is include but not limited to travelling buses,  Express Rail Link, Free Wi-Fi access, e-payment….. The one we are concerning for IT infrastructure is providing free Wi-Fi for guest. A real-name authentication and log system must be implemented. There are two real-name authentication method: 1. SMS, 2. Wechat authenticate. After the authentication, the system must also store at least 6 months logging including all access logs and DHCP logs that can be traceable. All log must be upload to the government system by daily. Therefore, if any guest use the public Wi-Fi to do any illegal things, the host of the service will not get into any trouble.

The second conference I have attended is IBM AI, Cloud and Data. There are quite a lot of start up company which are very innovative, make use of the advantage of IoT integrate with cloud & AI, company can collect huge big data for analysis.

In future, it is not talking just one cloud platform, it’s multi-cloud platform connects to each other across different networks and applications.

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