All STEAM server needs to be update since yesterday, otherwise the server will be pop-up a warning message something like…”Please update and restart the server”. If you ignore this warning, your server will not be listed on the master server list.

The new version was 4381 for windows and for linux it was 4352. It has also changed the protocol from 47 to 48. Therefore, the old version client can not connect to the new server anymore unless you update the new version. It means that the old version of non-steam client could not getting into the new version server. The new version of client can not join the server which hasn’t been upgraded as well.

Those servers which are hosted by wallaceho.com has been prompt upgraded to new version. However, there are still have many server which have not been upgraded till to now, for example: hkspirit

The new version of client has added many functions, one of it is while you showing up the score board, you may saw the photo of your friend list.


今日放1230,因為約左3dquickpress公司開會,所以我地team就先去沙田食KFC,之後搭27號小巴去科學園!開完會老闆仲請食蛋撻tim ^^

之後我地係果度行左幾個圈,行到5點左右去搭車,原先諗住搭返小巴/272k,但小巴$5.5去到新城市再轉既士$4.4都十幾蚊@@ 如果坐272k $3.3 去到大學轉火車 $2.1就$5.4..但要轉黎轉去又冇位坐所以就同Jimmy 一齊坐272x $6.5去到鑽石山轉84m/82x..因為有轉乘優惠所以只需$1,又有位坐又快加埋都係$7.5!! 雖然好似戇居左D..因為架272x經過我屋企樓下條highway..但又有人陪又有位坐所以都唔錯~


預祝arka生日,今日同ArKa, arka’s gf, pg, 肥揚,肥星,超人同埋arka D屋企人去左西貢BBQ!

我就約左pg三點鐘係第一城站等,之後去左馬鞍山meet佢地買埋小小野就坐的士上arka屋企攞埋啲野出發~ 去到果度燒到7點幾arka屋企人走先,我地就鋤D~ 鋤完燒多陣吹下水影埋相再鋤多幾round玩到10點就散水。今日唔敢飲咁多啤酒,只係飲左一罐..廢事好似上次咁ring ring 地咁返屋企@@ 今日真係俾pg 同肥揚搞到好攰-.-又多gag又搞人..

肥揚, arka, 我, pg, 肥星