end-of-line code on linux and windows

In Unix and all Unix-like systems, \n is the code for end-of-line, \r means nothing special. However in Windows (and many old OSs), the code for end of line is 2 characters, \r\n

For the file created on any Unix system, the end-of-line code is not work opening via notepad on Windows. Replace the code \n to \r\n on notepad++ to solve this problem.

ShadowSocks server for Windows

Install SS server in a easiest way on a Windows platform machine.

  1. Download & Install Python 3.4.3 –
  2. Add C:\Python34\Scripts in the Environment Variables
  3. Download & Install OpenSSL
    – https://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html
  4. Open CMD enter “pip install shadowsocks”
  5. Create a text file under C:\Python34\Scripts\config.json
    The following table explain the parameter.

    Name Explanation
    server the address your server listens
    server_port server port
    local_address the address your local listens
    local_port local port
    password password used for encryption
    timeout in seconds
    method see Encryption
    fast_open use TCP-Fast-Open, true / false
    workers number of workers
  6. Use command ssserver -c “C:\Python34\Scripts\config.json” to launch the server.