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Today, 3 exclusively provide i-phone 3G. However, the price is higher as I thought, it needs to sign a 2 yr contract and the monthly fee is very expensive too. Some of the guys said that 3 juz exclusive for half year, and you can buy it from other phone shop after this year. It means that I need to buy it in 2009 :o) Might be at that time some other brand of mobile phone is better than i-phone 3G..


Shawn need to back to US on Wednesday so that we need to set up the Pentium 4 3.0 Server. I have decided to run the server by using SUSE 10.3 Linux, so that we have set it up.

We have installed the Linux on Last Thursday. Apart from HLDS, I need to set up some other necessary program for example: FTP, Apache, MRTG, Webmin.....

After that, we start running the server, however we have discovered that the server fps is very unstable, it can't even higher than 255, it spikes CPU usage. In case, we have searched the problem by Google and found that it's cause by the kernel of Linux. So that we have recompiled the kernel, after that the server can run with 1000fps, however the FPS is still very unstable when the server was full.

Yesterday, I have discovered that some other process may interrupt the CPU usage of the HLDS server, so that I tried to kill that process, after that it works smoothly with the CPU usage, however it still have a bit of choke and packet loss with the server.

Finally, we have given up linux and tried to install Windows on the server.

30th June - day of AL result. Since this day I discover that I have choose the best path after CE....

Most of my friend who are CE better than me has a dissatisfied result. Most of them are between 14-20 marks in CE. However, they cannot promote to university directly... 🙁 Anyway... they are planning to studying high diploma/asso even some of them wanna repeat F.7. No matter what, they hv wasted a year of time.

Hello, welcome to my new blog. As wordpress is more feasible to modify the page and I hv bought a new domain, so that it was replaced xanga.

Yesterday, I and my good friends went to MK and having karaoke to celebrate Long's birthday and Cyrus back to HK.

After that, we went to temple street to have dinner in "大排檔" It is not too hot since there are air-cons. However, the food are not so delicious as I thought =[